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Boston Light Financial
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Why Boston Light Financial?

Established in 1716,  Boston Light is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse in

the United States.  It is located on Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor.

The name Boston Light appealed to us because a lighthouse helps guide the

way during a journey. At Boston Light Financial, we help guide our clients

towards meeting their financial goals.


Make a plan to fund your future

Make a plan to fund your future

What kind of retirement do you dream of? Whether you hope for world travel, quiet days in the garden, or time to finally write that novel, I can help you make a plan to pursue your goals.

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Services for your business

Services for your business

Your business has unique needs, and I have the resources to support you, your business and your employees.

Learn how your business can benefit by offering services such as financial wellness and planning, employee benefits and retirement plans.

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We offer a variety of useful places to access your accounts online, including the main Waddell & Reed website, eMoney, COMPASS, and NetxInvestor. Each one has their own unique and beneficial features that are valuable to utilize in order to track your progress towards your financial goals.

To learn more about these websites, follow the link below. 


Waddell & Reed is not affiliated with any other entities referenced.


Helpful content

I offer a full library of resources to help boost your retirement planning and financial knowledge.

<p>Preparing For the Ultimate Vacation</p>

Preparing For the Ultimate Vacation

Make your retirement as exciting as your next vacation.
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<p>Donating Art: Taxation Abstraction</p>

Donating Art: Taxation Abstraction

The tax rules that govern donating art are complex and confusing. Take a closer look.
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<p>When Special Care Is Needed: The Special Needs Trust</p>

When Special Care Is Needed: The Special Needs Trust

A special needs trust helps care for a special needs child when you’re gone.
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